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Hi Cat Lover !

We will guide you through and answer your most frequently asked questions here. 

1. How do I purchase Paola & Peeps products through this website? 

Please follow the steps below :

1.      Go to

2.      Choose your product on the front page or you can click on any COLLECTIONS in the menu bar to see more of our product list

3.      Next, Add product To Cart and click Proceed To Checkout if you are done shopping, otherwise click Continue Shopping

4.     If you have voucher to redeem, please insert the code in the voucher box

5.     If this is your first time purchasing Paola & Peeps product, you have to log in first using your email (gmail/facebook/any valid email)

6.      If this is not your first time, you can continue to fill in your details in Customer Information

7.      Choose your Delivery Method

8.      Next, Choose Your Payment Method but please be noted that we only provide Billplz as our payment gateway

9.      And now, you have completed your order!! ^^

2. How many days does it take for my parcels to be processed?

•       If your order status is Payment Accepted, your order will be processed immediately

•       If your order status is On Backorder (paid), your order will be processed once the products you ordered are back in stock

3. What if the products I bought have defect? Or I bought the wrong size?

•       If the defect occurs when the product is in your hands (not due to our error), we will not be able to refund

•       If the defect occurs from our error, you will be refunded if the product is in its original conditions and unused

•       If you happen to buy the wrong size, you may return the product within 7 days after you receive your parcel and the product should be in its original conditions and unused

4. How do I know which size is suitable for my cat? 


If your question is not in the list, you may contact us directly via email at [email protected] or

via whatsapp at +6013-4610901