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About Paola & Peeps

For Cats Who Loves Catwalk

Founded by a cat lover – A group of cat parents gathered in a soirée and brought their cats for a cat fashion show. Out of numbers of cats participated. There was one who really steals the spotlight. There was one cat named Paola looking grace yet astonishing. It all started when Paola was dolled up by its owner every time, anywhere they go to. Paola was treated like her own child. Everything is set to don! On that evening, all eyes are stunned by how it looks. Paola’s owner heard the people chattered. Remarkably, they were really hoping that Paola’s owner help them to doll their cats. It was insanely unexpected. There was the brand unveil when Paola meet its other friends who eventually getting dressed by its owner. Everyone is rooting for Paola’s owner to come out with lots of designs and creations that fits every occasion. Paola & Peeps is now embarking a journey of a tale for cats who love catwalk.

At Paola & Peeps, we create beautiful piece of cat’s apparel that you love, and love to don your cats. Our vision is to produce cat’s apparels that are unique yet practical. This is to ensure, it fits well and all of our dearest cats feel comfortable to walk with. Looking sassy – Paola & Peeps is a brand that balance practicality with style. Our mission is to elevate the gist of creating a better everyday life for cats. With premium piece and longevity, our piece is yet collectable and accessible. This is a way for us to present our valued customers with the epitome of lifestyles which also captivate cats are not part of us. They are family.